Whole30…Day 0 {3/6/13}

by mandiehman on March 7, 2013

Oh, how quickly things change when you’re pregnant.

My food aversions are getting steadily worse, and yesterday as a no good, very bad, horrible day because on top of those aversions, our power was out for 6 hours due to the snowstorm on the East Coast. Which had me – literally – crying into my bowl of applesauce, the only thing I managed to get down for lunch (followed by a handful of almonds an hour or so later).

Thankfully, the power came back on, so I prepared my go-to meal for dinner: sweet potato hashbrowns and chicken-apple sausage with a green smoothie on the side, but a few bites and a few sips were all I could take. I was hungry, but the thought of everything made my stomach roll.

I finally caved and asked my hubby to make me some wheat toast with ghee, which I ate slowly and thankfully.

So where does this leave me? Well, setting aside the feelings of failure and disappointment, my plan at this point is to reintroduce grains & dairy (maybe legumes too, but I’m not rushing it) in moderation. I have no plans to reintroduce sugar right now, and I can use coconut milk in place of milk and ghee in place of butter – changes I’d like to get used to anyway because I plan to eliminate all dairy when the baby is born due to a history of severe dairy intolerances.

I still want to focus on getting my greens in (even if it is in smoothies), and I’m hopeful that my aversion to my beloved bell peppers isn’t permanent.

As for the future, I’m planning on doing another Whole30 once I’m past the morning sickness. My commitment to doing this pregnancy differently hasn’t changed; I just want to be realistic as far as what I can do while feeling like this!

Whole30® Day 15 and Day 16

by mandiehman on March 6, 2013

Whole30 Dinner at wholein30.com

Honestly, the thought of writing about food right now is almost as unappealing as the thought of eating it, which is a slight problem when you’re doing a challenge like the Whole30.

I’ve had several people ask if I plan to continue for the full 30 days now that I’m pregnant, and right now my answer is yes. I’m confident that the food choices I’m making are better for me and the baby than toast, oodles o’ noodles and chocolate (which is what I’d probably be eating otherwise), even if I’m choosing blander meals with less variety right now.

That said, my morning sickness is increasing at an alarming rate, and the only good news is that my challenge should end before I get to the 8-week mark, which is when things typically get really bad for me.

My goal right now is to keep eating greens (for this, smoothies are a lifesaver!), to continue avoiding the “banned” ingredients (grains, legumes, dairy and sugar) and to not worry as much about whether my meals are perfectly balanced. I’m also allowing myself to eat smaller portions and then choose healthy snacks between meals to make sure I’m getting enough calories and nutrients.

To be clear, I’m not clinging to the challenge just for the sake of saying I did it, but because I really want to do this pregnancy differently and walking away now would put me right back into all of my old habits!

So with that out of the way, here’s what I’ve eaten the past two days. Sadly, it’s not all that exciting, and I often leave some of my veggies uneaten because I can only stomach so many at a time.

Whole30 Dinner at wholein30.com

Monday {3/4/13}

Breakfast: Aidells chicken & apple sausage, sauteed bell pepper sticks and blueberry-cashew salad topped with coconut milk and ginger

Lunch: egg & spicy pork sausage scramble plus a spinach-pineapple smoothie.

Snack: chocolate-almond laraballs

Dinner: almond-encrusted chicken, sweet potato hashbrowns and sauteed zucchini

Whole30 Lunch at wholein30.com

Tuesday {3/5/13}

Breakfast: Aidells chicken & apple sausage, sweet potato hashbrowns and blueberry-cashew salad topped with coconut milk and ginger

Lunch: egg & spicy pork sausage scramble plus a spinach-pineapple smoothie

Dinner: broiled shrimp, carrot fries and roasted brussel sprouts with onions

Snack: banana with almond butter, cacao nibs and coconut chips

Whole30® Day 14 {3/3/13}

March 4, 2013

Breakfast: sweet potato hashbrowns, sautéed zucchini and chicken-apple sausage plus sliced banana topped with almond butter and coconut chips. Lunch:  3 eggs + 1/2 sautéed bell pepper with blueberries and cashews covered in coconut milk and sprinkled with fresh ginger (to help with morning sickness) Dinner:  sautéed brussel sprouts, almond-flour encrusted chicken and (somewhat mushy) spaghetti […]

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Whole30® Day 13 {3/2/13}

March 3, 2013

Breakfast: chicken & apple sausage (found at Safeway!), 1 fried egg, random sauteed veggie sticks leftover from lunch Lunch: leftover chocolate chili with avocado plus sautéed shrimp and zucchini. Dinner: sweet potato hash, sautéed asparagus and scrambled eggs with spinach and salsa for me Making food away from home was definitely a different experience, but — […]

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Whole30® Day 12 {3/1/13}

March 2, 2013

Breakfast: sweet potato hashbrowns, sautéed peppers, chicken and apple sausage and a scrambled egg Lunch: chicken salad with homemade mayo, grapes and carrots over spinach, a hard-boiled egg and handful of walnuts Dinner: Chipotle salad with lettuce, carnitas, salsa and guacamole Yesterday didn’t go quite as expected, and I got some practice in eating quickly […]

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Whole30® Day 11 {2/28/13}

March 1, 2013

Breakfast: sweet potato hashbrowns, sautéed zucchini, chicken and apple sausage (have I mentioned I love this stuff?!) and a scrambled egg Lunch: spinach with cauliflower “rice”, fajita chicken and veggies, and avocado salsa Dinner: spinach with tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, avocado, Italian-spice chicken strips and cashews, drizzled with a basic red wine vinaigrette I have been […]

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Whole30® Day 10 {2/27/13}

February 28, 2013

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with peppers, spinach and sausage, topped with avocado and salsa Lunch: grilled chicken-apple sausage, 1/2 green apple, grapes and toasted pecans over mixed greens Dinner: roasted veggies and sauteed shrimp There’s a part of me that’s sad that I’m one-third of the way through this challenge already. Which is, of course, silly […]

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Whole30® Day 9 {2/26/13}

February 27, 2013

Breakfast: leftover frittata, sautéed zucchini and fresh homemade salsa with blueberry-cashew-coconut salad Lunch: Aidells chicken and apple sausage with toasted pecans, 1/2 green apple and grapes over mixed greens, no dressing necessary Dinner: chocolate chili with avocado Yesterday was a cold, wet, dreary day, the kind of day that usually has me searching the kitchen […]

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Whole30® Day 8 {2/25/13}

February 26, 2013

Breakfast: (ugly) fried eggs, turkey sausage patty and sautéed pepper sticks plus a blueberry-cashew-coconut salad Lunch: roasted sweet potatoes, asparagus, carrots, zucchini and onion with grilled chicken & apple sausage and coffee with coconut creamer on the side Dinner: almond-flour meatballs and homemade pasta sauce over spaghetti squash with a big ol’ house salad It’s […]

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Whole30® Day 7 {2/24/13}

February 25, 2013

Breakfast: leftover oven-baked frittata with sweet potato hashbrowns Lunch: egg salad with homemade mayo with carrot, cucumber and pepper sticks Dinner: slow-cooker fajitas over cauliflower “rice” Ah, the irritability has passed and I once again feel like I love my family. So glad to be past that stage! I woke up before my alarm this morning, […]

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