Whole30® Day 14 {3/3/13}

by mandiehman on March 4, 2013

Whole30 Breakfast at wholein30.com

Breakfast: sweet potato hashbrowns, sautéed zucchini and chicken-apple sausage plus sliced banana topped with almond butter and coconut chips.

Whole30 Lunch at wholein30.com

Lunch:  3 eggs + 1/2 sautéed bell pepper with blueberries and cashews covered in coconut milk and sprinkled with fresh ginger (to help with morning sickness)

Whole30 Dinner at wholein30.com

Dinner:  sautéed brussel sprouts, almond-flour encrusted chicken and (somewhat mushy) spaghetti squash with pasta sauce

Church days are always so busy — from rushing everybody out the door by 8am to running errands after church and then unloading all of our groceries for the week when we get home, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pack a cold lunch this week. That meant I wasn’t able to sit down and eat until 2pm, and I was pretty hungry and grumpy by then.

Eggs did not sound good to me for breakfast, so I started with veggies and sausage and saved my eggs for lunchtime, which seemed to work better.

By evening, my energy level was 0 — due in part to being pregnant, I’m sure, but also because we were up a dozen times with various kids and pets the night before. I like that there are still so many “quick” options for healthy meals, though — something I wouldn’t have believed three weeks ago. And my oldest dinner shared my dinner, which I loved!

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